How social media is making us antisocial

The introduction of innovative technology and modernization in our society has immensely changed our social circles and daily routines. Now everything in our lives linked to this technology. It has completely changed our way of communication system and transformed our actions in good and a bad way. It is the ultimate way to search any kind of service and facilities.

On the other hand, social media is making us more antisocial instead of reducing our communication gaps. When you look around, most of the people seem busy in their smartphones, tablets or other similar devices. The continuous use of these devices makes us addicted to them and negatively affects our health. However, this addicting situation is threatening and alarming that most of the people are losing contacts to real lives due to addiction and excessive use of social media apps.

Nowadays, when you are in need of any material thing you don’t prefer to go shopping center or a restaurant, you just place your order and ask them to deliver. This omits the stage of communication, going to hustle and bustle places and standing in queues. We use social media and can talk to the people around the world but this has created a big gap in communication with our families which is the main reason for stress and anxiety in our lives. We are eliminating sports and healthy outdoor activities in our lives which negatively affects of growth and health. Instead of creating a bridge social media has created a barrier in our real lives and in our thought, our values and we no longer remember the importance of spending time with our families.

When you become fully dependent on social media, it starts mastering you and you are so much addicted at this stage to understand anything. Apart from making us unsocial, misuse of social media is one of the most common reasons for wasting our time. Social skills such as body language, eye contact and tone are really important to successfully move in our society. It comes from practice and meeting with people whereas a person addicted to social media is unable to perform in real life social activities. The situation is alarming and we should make efforts to avoid misuse of social media and this will also help to reduce stress and anxiety problems that are very common in the young generation these days.