How to Avoid Social Media

Social Media addiction has passed beyond its limits because people even put the status of them in the bathroom and waking up in the middle of night posing dangerous threats to the president. These types of activities should be illegal and avoided. Since there is no time soon that social media will die you will have to find ways to avoid it.

Personal Life

You should leave your social activities and give some time to your health, your family and your friends. Social media can cut you from the world at a different level. You should only use social media for some suitable measures of your work in personal life. This not only leads to help you but also adds up more time to be connected with you and your family.

Cull your Network

Don’t follow anyone on the internet and it is not obligatory for you to follow everyone. However, social media help you in every field of work but it does not mean that you should accept friend requests of every person. If a person sends you a friend request you should examine his account and see if you know him. Investigate the person that he is really interested in you and really want to have a relationship with you. Only on these costs, you should accept friend requests.


If you want to focus your schedule and daily routine tasks you should turn off your notifications because it will provide much easier in your concentration. When a person sees a notification he is notified that something is happening and he is missing out of it. This type of technique has proved to be very successful for everyone because it will not disturb in your common tasks and if you use social media then it will be a greater way in finding internet trends.


You will have to make a schedule if you want to consume your time for your daily tasks and set a different time for social media. There is no need to open Facebook every five minutes unless there is a reason or some other situation. To follow your schedule easily you should set an alarm in your smartphone. Make the alarm tune as annoying as possible so that it will make you force to do the task. This task is not helpful to everyone but it will be good if you try.

How can you bring a positive change in society?

How can you change the world? This is the question every sensible person has in mind. How can you contribute to make an effective community and to bring positive change in your society? There are many factors in which you can play a significant role to be an effective personality to bring a constructive and positive change.

Education System

Education plays a vital role to bring about a change in society. We need to design our course in such a way which could help every student and individual to play a productive role in society. It should be structured in a way that students should be able to think critically and logically in different matters of life. Their critical and logical thinking will also help them to be a successful person in a society and they can perform a better and effective to build a society as an individual.

Intelligent Optimism

Intelligent optimism is the term above to only being an optimist, it allows you to think logically and critically for a positive outcome. Intelligent optimism does not only help you to be a positive person but you design your future on the base of facts and figures and your potential as an individual.

Your Role As Individual

Effective change in a society does not start from a community as a whole but its root is every individual out there and you. If you want to bring a productive change in society, then you need to first change yourself. The way you react in society as an individual you sow a seed of your character and attributes. Try to act in such a way you want your community to react. The very famous law of attraction revolves around the same theory. If you want to be a person who wants to change the world then you first need to change yourself as an individual. You need to think positively when you start to think in a positive way your thoughts generate a certain frequency and design the whole situation according to your thoughts.

Share And Care

This is the most positive and effective factor that can help to build an effective society. It is said that you get what you give. Therefore, share every positive gesture to the people around you. It can be modesty, a smile, kindness, awareness, charity, a little help or any other thing that you can give. These acts do not cost anything but leave a positive gesture in a society.

How social media is making us antisocial

The introduction of innovative technology and modernization in our society has immensely changed our social circles and daily routines. Now everything in our lives linked to this technology. It has completely changed our way of communication system and transformed our actions in good and a bad way. It is the ultimate way to search any kind of service and facilities.

On the other hand, social media is making us more antisocial instead of reducing our communication gaps. When you look around, most of the people seem busy in their smartphones, tablets or other similar devices. The continuous use of these devices makes us addicted to them and negatively affects our health. However, this addicting situation is threatening and alarming that most of the people are losing contacts to real lives due to addiction and excessive use of social media apps.

Nowadays, when you are in need of any material thing you don’t prefer to go shopping center or a restaurant, you just place your order and ask them to deliver. This omits the stage of communication, going to hustle and bustle places and standing in queues. We use social media and can talk to the people around the world but this has created a big gap in communication with our families which is the main reason for stress and anxiety in our lives. We are eliminating sports and healthy outdoor activities in our lives which negatively affects of growth and health. Instead of creating a bridge social media has created a barrier in our real lives and in our thought, our values and we no longer remember the importance of spending time with our families.

When you become fully dependent on social media, it starts mastering you and you are so much addicted at this stage to understand anything. Apart from making us unsocial, misuse of social media is one of the most common reasons for wasting our time. Social skills such as body language, eye contact and tone are really important to successfully move in our society. It comes from practice and meeting with people whereas a person addicted to social media is unable to perform in real life social activities. The situation is alarming and we should make efforts to avoid misuse of social media and this will also help to reduce stress and anxiety problems that are very common in the young generation these days.

How To Choose The Best Candidate?

Choosing the best government official is important as the welfare of the nation depends on them. Every election time, voters are left with the most important decision. However, with so many choices, how can a voter make sure that he/she is choosing the best candidate? To narrow down your choice, you have to do the following:

·         Know what you are looking for in a candidate – as a voter, you have to think beforehand what you want in a candidate. You have to consider the leadership qualities and the position he/she takes on some of the relevant issues in society. As with the leadership quality, you have to think of the characteristics an effective leader should have such as honesty, intelligence, and integrity.

·         Know the candidate in a deeper level – it is important to know the candidates in a deeper level such as their family background, educational background, and their morals. Follow the candidates in their campaign talks, candidate speeches, and debates. Watching ads on the television and radio are okay too, but you get to know more about the candidate’s ability to lead the country by looking at the track record.

·         Know the candidate’s stand on issues – It is a must to know the candidate’s stand on issues, especially the national issues and the issues you are most interested in. you most likely know the candidate’s moral and principle by simply looking at their stand on issues that matter the most.

·         Know the candidate’s leadership ability – This is one of the difficult parts of choosing a candidate. Determining the leadership potential can be quite difficult, but you can somehow gauge it by looking at the political background and experience. What is the track record of the candidate? Did he accomplish something in the past? Was he able to help the community? Is he active in helping others, especially when it comes to national interest? Does the candidate accept speaking engagement? Does he look like sympathetic and has empathy for others? There are a lot of things that need to be known about the candidate. As a responsible citizen of the nation, you have to do your part or else you will end up with a candidate that is not honest and trustworthy.

·         Learn how others view the candidate – Politics is a tricky industry. Many people vote on popularity and most of the time the popular wins. As a smart and responsible voter, you have to consider the views of others about a particular candidate. It might not be your basis of choosing a candidate but at least you have an insight as to whether you are making the right decision or not. By taking into consideration the opinion of others, you will know if you need to do more research about a particular candidate or it is about time to ditch that candidate and choose someone else.

Choosing the best candidate is a daunting task but it is a process that every voter should have to go through. After all, the welfare of the nation is at stake.